Weergave laden. Weergaven navigatie Evenement weergaven navigatie Lijst Lijst Vandaag Select Month January February March April May June July August September October November December december 2022 december 3 @ 20 h 30 min Swing to Bop The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels The great 30s swing Era   Lorenzo Cortés (guitar), Michel Bonnet (trumpet), Sylvain Hamel (clarinet), Laurent legal (bass), Mathieu Meyer (piano), Thomas Racine (drums)   SWING TO BOP plays and rearrange the unic style and music of the inventor of Jazz Electric Guitar : Charlie Christian. SWING to Bop takes this Répertoire in a new direction with a sound and a spirit faithful to the great 30’s swing Era.   VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/i2xiC7spNN8   TICKET: 18€ Members – No Members 20€ 18€ – 20€ Book now december 4 @ 20 h 30 min Lisett Quintet The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Swing & New Orleans Jazz   Lisett Wever (vocals), Romain Verwilghen (guitar), Franck Guetatra (sax/clarinet), Damien Campion (double bass), Daniel Duchateau (drums)     Lisett Quintet is back! During a two-month solo trip to the US, Lisett Wever got inspired by Jazz Jam Sessions in uptown Harlem and the Second Lines & Gospel Services in New Orleans. From Duke Ellington to Louis Armstrong, Lisett Quintet will take you on a Musical Journey across the US. Come listen to some Great Swing and New Orleans Jazz and anecdotes in English and French!   VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAJKauxy6yg   TICKET: 15€ Members – No Members 18€ 15€ – 18€ Book now december 6 @ 20 h 30 min New project : Marco Marcelletti Trio The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Followed by our Jazz Jam Session     Marco Marcelletti (piano), Federico Stocchi (bass), Gionata Giardina (drums)   Original compositions and a detailed research of sound are the main characteristics of this trio, led by young piano player Marco Marcelletti. The main plot will be dictated by the setlist, while improvisation will provide elements of unknown. The musicians will accompany you into this journey, while discovering and observing themselves where the storyline goes.   VIDEO LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nBXI0KEfGk&ab_channel=MarcoMarcelletti FREE ENTRANCE Gratis Book now december 7 @ 20 h 30 min Carte Blanche to Pauline Leblond The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Pauline Leblond (trumpet, flugelhorn) Alexandre Tripodi (violin, viola), Boris Schmidt (bass)   Blending a trumpet, a violin and a doublebass, this trio is certainly original and adventurous. A challenge beautifully achieved by these three top-notch improvisers, conversing melodically for your delight.     TICKET: 15€ Members – No Members  18€ 15€ – 18€ Book now december 8 @ 20 h 30 min Bring it back to the groove The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Sherry Xie (vocals & bass), Tobias Le Compte (Guitars & Keys), Toto Poznantek (drums)   Sherry Xie (CN) has done it again! She has prepared an evening program dedicated to the groove & soul of RnB and beyond! Expect: Chic, Diana […]