Weergave laden. Weergaven navigatie Evenement weergaven navigatie Lijst Lijst Vandaag Select Month January February March April May June July August September October November December maart 2023 maart 23 @ 20 h 30 min “BAM! Trio+Bart Defoort The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels The great Belgian Jazz Meeting   Bart Defoort (Sax), Bastien Jeunieaux (Guitar), Arnaud Cabay (Drums), Maxime Moyaerts (Organ)   Legend horn player Bart Defoort allies force with the young organ trio for an explosive meeting of generations. For this new collaboration, they will revisit both of their own compositions as well as standards from the great American songbook. So, two generations of players for two times more listening pleasure, they will delight together the passion they share for music. Don’t miss this great Belgian jazz meeting!   TICKET: 15€ Members – No Members 18€ 15€ – 18€ Book now maart 24 @ 20 h 30 min Greg Houben/Ivan Paduart/Cédric Raymond/Mimi Verderame The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Greg Houben (trumpet, compositions), Ivan Paduart (piano, compositions), Cédric Raymond (bass), Mimi Verderame (drums)   Son of the famous saxophonist and jazz flautist Steve Houben and of a mother who produces shows, Greg Houben has a heart that swings between Belgium and Brazil, between music, theater and French song…   He is a polymorphous artist, but his trumpet is his most faithful friend: he takes it with him in his numerous projects, which lead him to the biggest Belgian and international stages.   The quartet’s repertoire will be a mix of standards and compositions of the two main soloists, both sharing an undeniable melodic fiber.   TICKET: 18€ Members – No Members 20€ 18€ – 20€ Book now maart 25 @ 20 h 30 min ARAUCARIA The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Brazilian Music   Vincent Penasse (sax), Arthur Hirtz (sax), Simon Comté (sax), Duilio Ingrosso (sax), Fil Caporali (bass), Jan de Haas (drums), Ricardo Sibalde (arrangements)   Since the beginning of his career as a jazzman, Vincent Penasse always enjoyed playing in different salsa and brazilian groups such as: Chama, Brasil tropical,samba lanço and many more. “Montuno” is the first band he created in 1985 together with Daniel Moffat and Frankie Rose. After that, Vincent Penasse decided to travel to Brazil where he lived there from 1999 to 2010 in Salvador de Bahia. During his period in Brazil he had the opportunity to play in different Brazilian bands such as forro, bossa nova, samba and jazz bands. He played with multiple artists including: Lima Alves, Mou Brasil, Tati Lima, Arrocha o no, Roberval Santos and Horracio Barros Reis. In the city of Salvador, he met Ricardo Sibalde, which is a musical arranger for Carlinhos Brown. Together, Ricardo Sibalde and Vincent Penasse worked hard on the creation of a saxophone quartet which has as a repertory music from the Nord-East of Brazil. The style of the Araucaria band is a very particular style in which they mix popular music from Brazil such […]