Loading view. Views Navigation Event Views Navigation List List Today Select Month January February March April May June July August September October November December May 2022 May 21 @ 20 h 30 min CLOSED SORRY because of the GAY PRIDE The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Free Book now May 22 @ 20 h 30 min Brad “Guitar” Wilson I’m Feeling Blue show The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Brad Guitar (vocals, guitar), Deborah Jacobs (bass), Toto Poznantek (drums)   Brad Wilson has a soulful contemporary sound, tapping into all his sources of inspiration. His performances have made him a stand-out hit at countless shows.  Considered more than a talented guitarist by his audience, Brad is an exciting entertainer. As a charismatic guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Brad has become known as a modern hot guitar player who can entertain the house with the best of them. His show features his songwriting and great renditions of blues cover songs. Brad’s live show is presented with spirit and class.   TICKET: 15€ Members – No Members 18€ 15€ – 18€ Book now May 24 @ 20 h 30 min New project : Tomas Rivera Trio The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Followed by our JAZZ JAM SESSION 9.30pm   Tomas Rivera (piano), Basile Rahola (bass), Pierre Hurty (drums)   The trio of pianist Tomas Rivera is in the search of a modern sound, but always consistent with the history of jazz, through their own compositions as well as arrangements of different styles and popular music, like rock, pop and even folk music. The trio has just released its first EP “Ceguera Colectiva”, in tribute to the popular revolts in Chile in 2019. Through the difference in influences and multiculturalism, the trio finds a unique sound, closely related to contemporary jazz.   VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/14oHlppVUeQ   FREE ENTRANCE Free Book now May 25 @ 20 h 30 min CARTE BLANCHE TO MONA MIO. The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels Mona Mio. Swing Quartet The Gypsy and the Moon   Mona Mio (vocals), Antonin Busson (trumpet), Romain Verwilghen (guitar), Antoine Maes (bass)   For this last concert of her “carte blanche”, Mona Mio, jazzy singer from Brussels, comes back to her first musical loves: swing and manouche. The set unfolds as a love letter to those genres, while Mona happily revisits some of her favorite french jazz songs, along with uplifting standards and gipsy classics!   TICKET: 15€ Members – No Members  18€ 15€ – 18€ Book now May 26 @ 20 h 30 min FABRICE MUKUNA AND BAND The Music Village Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat, Brussels From Africa to Cuba with jazzy spices   Fabrice Mukuna (sax,vocals), Gonzalo Rodriguez (guitar), Ben Tequi (drums), David Ramos (piano), Leonid (percussions), Humberto Gonzalez (bass)   The music of Fabrice Mukuna evokes an almost folkloristic atmosphere that is reminiscent of his home village, its Luba-tongue and the land of Kasaï. The whole is infused […]