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Soledad Kalza and Sina Kienou

octobre 1 @ 20 h 30 min

€15 à €18

Soledad Kalza and Sina Kienou are a duo rich in the roots of their peoples and respectively anchored in strong traditions such as gypsy music and jazz for the former and Mandingo music, rock and improvisation for the latter. Their meeting in 2019 seals the joy of great unions.


Their paths festoon the archipelagos from East to West, from the Caribbean to the cotton fields of the far North, from the beaten peasantry to the tunes of the rhythm of the seasons, from Mandingo scales to the blues of the Sahel.


The grandson of Baba Abdoulaye Kienou, Chief of the Griots of Burkina Faso, Sina is also, alongside Soledad, his partner and wife, the ambassador of a universal language whose origins can be traced back to the Mande.




TICKET: 15€ Members – No Members 18€


octobre 1
Heure :
20 h 30 min
Prix :
€15 à €18


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Brussels, 1000 Belgium


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