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The Hive – Harmonic Voyage

novembre 19 @ 20 h 30 min

€15 à €18


Welcome to the enchanting world of contemporary jazz, where a new musical project emerges as an invitation to adventure: « The Hive. » Led by the ingenious musician Pascal Su, this project embodies the essence of originality and innovation, restoring jazz to its rightful place.


At the heart of « The Hive » lies a clear ambition: to bring together captivating and groovy compositions that showcase delightfully recognizable and melodious tunes. With boundless passion, Pascal takes us on a journey through his own creations, where each piece is a gem to be discovered and savored without restraint.


Breaking away from conventional paths, « The Hive » seamlessly blends contemporary urban music with vibrant jazz, infusing this musical endeavor with a refreshing novelty that is unparalleled. Audacious harmonies combine with captivating individuality, creating a perfect symphony where joyful rhythms and enchanting melodies blend in flawless harmony.


Like a transcendental experience, « The Hive » concert becomes a musical odyssey, carrying audiences of all ages on an unforgettable harmonic voyage. Every note resonates deep within the soul, awakening unexpected emotions, making this evening an unforgettable experience.



TICKET: 15€ Members – No Members  18€


novembre 19
Heure :
20 h 30 min
Prix :
€15 à €18


The Music Village
Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat
Brussels, 1000 Belgium


The Music Village
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